Beneficial changes to ‘EBM Landlord Insurance’

We are delighted to announce the introduction of significant changes to the RentCover range of landlord insurance policies. The new policy features and increased limits will apply from 1st February (new policies) and for existing policies renewing from 1st April.
Although there will be a small premium increase we are confident that the new features will ensure RentCover provides the most extensive level of cover available and meets the changing needs of our investor clients.
New changes to the Landlord Ultra Cover include:

Pet damage – up to $65,000
The risk of damage deters many landlords from allowing pets, but with 63% of households having pets, this severely restricts the available tenant pool. Additionally, pets do not need to be named on the lease.

Flood – up to Sum Insured
With cover up to the Sum Insured flood cover ensures the range is suitable for every region of Australia.

Accidental Damage – limit of two excesses
Accidental Damage limit has been increased to $65,000 allowing more substantial cover. A limit of two excesses will apply regardless of the number of separate “events”.

Malicious Damage – No depreciation
“New for old” replacement with an increased limit of $65,000 and only one excess applicable.

Drug Lab Cleanup – Includes resulting contamination
Whether it is a hydroponic marijuana crop or a meth lab, the resulting repairs and cleanup can be enormous. Included under Accidental Damage the increased limit to $65,000 will help mitigate the losses.

The RentCover Ultra premium will increase to $361.00 per annum.

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