Process of management for Tenants


We are happy to receive applications via email or in person, and always aim to have an answer to each applicant within 24 hours. Please provide photocopies of all required documentation as detailed on the application form as well as a completed and signed application. If you are approved for the property the first two weeks rent will be required on the same day of approval, with the four week rental bond payable prior to your move in date.



Rent payment is via internet transfer. You have been provided with account details to make rent payments and a reference code to use that identifies your payment to our account. Please ensure you use the reference code provided for all rent and water usage payments. You will receive a Water Usage bill each quarter for the water usage you have used. This bill is to be paid direct to us, not to Sydney Water and can be transferred using the same Reference Code as your rent payments.



If you are having difficulty paying your rent, always contact us to discuss your situation. Once your rent falls 1 day in arrears you will receive a courtesy text reminder. Should rent still not be received, we will in accordance with the Residential Tenancies Act issue you with a Termination Notice on the 15th day of your arrears, this will require you to rectify the arrears immediately or vacate the premises.



We ask that you report any matters requiring repairs or requests immediately to avoid the risk of injury or damage to the property. We do prefer repair or maintenance requests in writing via email to

If you have an urgent repair please contact us immediately. We have provided our emergency Plumber and Electrician contact details on your Residential Tenancy Agreement. Any repairs arranged by the tenant outside our normal business hours will be at the tenants cost unless it is proven to be an emergency.



We carry out routine inspections on all of our properties every 3 months, and we will advise via a text message the days we will be in your area completing inspections. This is always a good time to point out any maintenance issues or requests you may have.

We only attend to Routine Inspections during the week. For this reason, if you are unable to be home at the time we have requested you will need to arrange someone to be there on your behalf.



Upon signing your Residential Tenancy Agreement, we will provide you with a Condition Report. This report has been completed at our Ingoing Inspection, noting the condition of the property upon the start of your tenancy. You will need to go through the report and agree/disagree by indicating a ‘Y’ for YES or ‘N’ for NO to our notes. You can add as many notes to the report as you like if you feel it has not been properly described or if there is something you feel we have missed.

Please return completed and signed reports to our office via post within 7 days. At the time of vacating, you will be required to complete an Outgoing Condition Report that we will compare with the original Ingoing Condition Report. Our ‘Cleaning Checklist’ will assist with preparing for the Outgoing Inspection.



It is your responsibility to have electricity, gas, telephone and internet connected in your name and to have the account finalised when you vacate. We take no responsibility should your utilities be disconnected due to not transferring the account in to your name.



Only the people originally listed on your application and approved by the owner are allowed to reside at the property permanently. If a new tenant wishes to replace an existing tenant, or be added to the lease, our office must be informed in order to approve the new application and complete paperwork. Please contact our office for further details on this.



Unless a pet is approved on your lease, pets will not be allowed at the premises without prior approval. Please note that in unit complexes the Body Corporate By-Laws do not allow pets in any case. We are very firm on our no pets policy and will issue a Breach Notice or Termination Notice if pets are noticed at your premises.



Please be aware that the Lessor’s building insurance DOES NOT cover your personal belongings and it is your responsibility to take out suitable cover in case of damage or theft. You will be required to take out contents insurance to ensure you are correctly covered.



If during your tenancy the property is listed on the market for sale, we will notify you as soon as we know. If you are under a fixed term lease you are there for the term of that lease. If you are on a periodic tenancy (week to week) the landlord has to give you 30 days written notice if they wish for you to vacate the premises once the property is sold.



For information on costs and obligations for breaking your lease please contact our office.



When you decide it’s time to move you will be required to give 21 days notice if you are on a continuation lease or 14 days prior to the end of your fixed tenancy agreement. Notice must always be issued in writing to our office via email is satisfactory. We will then contact you to confirm receipt of the notice and to book in your vacate inspection. Please refer back to your original condition report to ensure the property is left in the same or better condition. If you require a copy of your condition report please contact our office.



Please remember we are here to help you and assist you to have a successful tenancy. If we can help you in any way please contact us on 0410 355 015.

Wo look forward to a successful tenancy!!